Roger Bullivant Walton Park Offices

We have recently completed the first stage of a new project for Roger Bullivant Limited. They are one of the UK's leading foundation engineering specialists. Having acquired a new Headquarters in Swadlincote, Derbyshire (situated in the National Forest) - they wanted this flag-ship building to be as striking as possible, particularly the reception area. The brief was to create an environment that gives the WOW effect to visitors & staff alike and reflects the company's exciting vision.
Roger Bullivant Walton Park Head Office

View of main reception building from visitor entrance.

Roger Bullivant Walton Park Head Office

LED illuminated sign (1.7m diameter), steel fabricated with acrylic face. Frosted RB logo vinyls cover the reception windows giving impact from outside and inside the building.

Roger Bullivant Reception 360 Panoramic View

Well it's one of our biggest wraps! Over 30m wide and 6m deep - covering all the reception wall surfaces - giving a complete 360 panoramic view.

Roger Bullivant Reception Ground Floor View

Muraspec wallpaper wraps around pillars, kitchen, toilet & lift doors, creating a seemless and impactful environment.

Roger Bullivant Reception First Floor View

The centre piece of the design is the Roger Bullivant piling rig which is positioned above the reception desk. The reception desk and the oak panelling existed within the reception, so we adapted the imagery to compliment the environment's colours and the RB corporate colours. The reception desk was enhanced with RB branded acrylic panels.

Walton Park Reception Glazing

At 8m x 5m this is without doubt the largest window we have applied frosted vinyls to.

Roger Bullivant Walton Park Directors' Suite Display Wall

When we first saw the existing curved wall, it was crying out be covered with a dynamic image. Using the "Piling to the extreme" strapline which existed, we created the moonscape design, using subtle branding and rig imagery.

Roger Bullivant Walton Park Directors' Suite Display Wall

We used Muraspec wallpaper to cover the whole curved wall which was over 15m wide, and 2.5m deep.

Roger Bullivant Walton Park Office Window Manifestations

There is alot of internal windows within Walton Park, we designed and applied digitally printed frost vinyls to many of these. Using Roger Bullivant imagery and illustrative themes, in this example the illustration was for the Pay Role Department.

Walton Park Clock & Window Manifestations

Office window manifestations and bespoke RB clock constructed from acrylic.

Roger Bullivant Walton Park Office Window Manifestations

The window graphics have proved to be very successful giving not only impact but privacy when needed.

Beech Signage at Walton Park

High-level workshop signage, constructed out of acrylic.

Roger Bullivant Walton Park Office High Level Exterior Signage

We created the signage theme for Walton Park, using existing branding and corporate colours. This theme is being rolled-out over other regional offices. The high-level sign shown is a digitally printed PVC skin sign, which was 6.5m wide.

Roger Bullivant Walton Park Entrance Signage

The road-side entrance reflects the overall Walton Park signage theme. We designed & produced two 4m wide steel fabricated tray signs, which powder coated and used cad-cut vinyls.