Roger Bullivant Regional Offices

Once the Roger Bullivant Walton Park Head Offices were complete, we were asked to roll-out the interior & exterior designs to their RB regional offices.

Each office needed to follow the recently developed design theme, so there is a synergy between all the RB sites – whilst also giving each office the opportunity to build on their own identity. Working with the different office teams we created designs in some cases using local landmarks & landscapes to emphasise their individuality.

We applied the graphics & signage on exterior walls, in stairwells & lobbies, on office & meeting room walls and glass partitions & windows - using a combination of materials to suit each environment.
Roger Bullivant South East Stairwell

RB South East

Large stairwell graphic panel, this was quite a tricky area - the panel had to be built out to hide pipes and cables.

Roger Bullivant Yorkshire Office Exterior Signage

RB Yorkshire

A combination of exterior signage including; bespoke powder coated steel tray, cad-cut vinyl roundel applied to cladding and frosted window vinyls.

Roger Bullivant Yorkshire Office Lobby Signage

RB Yorkshire

High level lobby display panel.

Roger Bullivant Yorshire Office Glass Partition

RB Yorkshire

Glass partitions on photocopy & storage rooms. The client wanted to hide the unsigthly contents, so we created a printed etched vinyl to cover the whole glazed area not only obscuring the rooms but also giving a hugh impact in the office space.

Roger Bullivant Yorkshire Office Stairwell

RB Yorkshire

Stairwell graphic panel emphasising the locality.

Roger Bullivant South West Exterior Window Graphics

RB South West

There was a lack of space to apply exterior signage which is positioned on a prominent road. We used Contravision vinyl on the windows - which gave the necessary impact but did not block out any light in the office.

Roger Bullivant South West Office Office Window Manifestations & Clock

RB South West

Each RB office has their own bespoke clock.

Roger Bullivant South West Interior Window Graphics

RB South West

Frosted office window vinyls using local landmarks to give privacy and an impact through the whole office.