Roger Bullivant Beech Offices

Having built up a good working relationship with Roger Bullivant. We were invited to create design concepts for their new Beech Offices.

The offices are a clever conversion of a very large scale existing industrial building on the Walton Park site into offices, meeting rooms and a canteen that all link to a working depot on the ground floor.

We worked closely with the RB team on this interesting project, helping to create exciting working environment.
Roger Bullivant Beech Offices Ground Floor Graphics

The ground floor corridors link directly to the working depot and transport offices, so have to be very hard wearing. We wrapped the walls with anti-scratch vinyls.

Roger Bullivant Beech Offices Canteen Graphics

The canteen area uses printed window vinyls and printed brick-bonded wall vinyls.

Roger Bullivant Beech Offices Reception & Office Graphics

We used an overall one-piece wall covering in the reception and meeting room areas.

Roger Bullivant Beech Offices Window Vinyls

The transport office required a certain amount of privacy, so we used printed window vinyls, enhancing the natural light and adding interest to the space.

Roger Bullivant Beech Offices Exterior Signage

High-level acrylic external acrylic signage.