Denso Factory Graphics

Denso Manufacturing UK is a Japanese company, based in Telford, supplying heating, ventilation, air conditioning units and engine cooling modules to a range of motor vehicle manufacturers across the UK, Europe and worldwide.

The company has always been passionate about contributing, not only to the automotive industry, but also to the greater good of its workforce, the environment, the local community and to society at large. This ethos is encapsulated in the ‘Denso Spirit’, a watchword for their combined values which include teamwork, the pursuit of excellence, vision, people development, creativity and communication.

We were tasked with visually conveying the Denso Spirit philosophy throughout the entire Telford headquarters.


Starting in the reception area we designed and commissioned an impressive Corian 3.5m high column which displays the Denso Spirit values. The column uses engraved text, curved acrylic panels and LED lighting to convey and enhance this message. We also produced a bespoke Corian welcome desk & display cabinet to house the recently bestowed ‘Denso President Award of Excellence’ within the reception area.

Flowing from the Corian centrepiece, we devised a continuous information line that journeys from the reception through other significant areas of the factory, meandering through meeting rooms, the PR centre, the showroom and over 400 metres of connecting corridors. All the time reinforcing the Denso Spirit ethos through graphics, word statements and employee photography as well as abstract imagery.
Denso Manufacturing UK Ltd Telford Factory

Denso Manufacturing UK Ltd is Telford's largest employer and this year is celebrating it's 25th year.

Denso Visitor Entrance

Our brief was to convey the 'Denso Spirit' throughout the factory starting from the main reception.

Denso UK Manufacturing Main Entrance Sliding Doors Graphic

The Denso factory is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year. To help promote this we designed & installed these sliding door vinyls for the main visitor entrance.

Denso Reception

The focal point of the old reception was a circular manned reception desk which was no longer used and subsequently removed. We designed and commisioned a Corian circular centrepiece to occupy and accentuate this area. This is the start point for the 'Denso Spirit' message.

Denso Reception and CSR Wall

The main Corian structure is 3.5m high and features engraved text, LED lighting and printed curved acrylic panels to display & promote the 'Denso Spirit'.

Denso CSR Wall & Staff Recognition Wall

CSR and staff recognition walls in the main reception. To create the CSR wall we used a fabric print combined with dibond lines and printed acrylic panels. The acrylic panels also have A3 poster holders, so information can be displayed to promote Denso's CSR credentials.

Denso Reception Corian Furniture

We designed and comissioned a bespoke visitor signing-in desk and award trophy cabinet. These were contructed from Corian to compliment the main circular structure and feature engraved details and LED lighting.

Denso Corian Engraving

Close-up of engraved text and LED diffused lighting on main Corian structure.

Denso Reception

View from the main reception doors, showing the Corian furniture, dibond decals and printed window vinyls.

Denso Showroom

We used a printed fabric to cover the complete back wall in the Showroom.

Denso PR Room

The PR centre, the back wall uses a printed fabric backdrop. The 'Denso Spirit' message was conveyed using printed foamex lines and acrylic panels.

Denso Meeting Room

In the meeting rooms we commisioned and used photography of the Denso Eco Garden (which is within the factory grounds) as the main backdrops. These not only give a natural ambiance - but also promote the company's proud environmental credentials.

Denso Corridor Graphics

The 'Denso Spirit' message was applied to over 400m of corridors flowing through the whole factory.

Denso Corridor Graphics

We used cad-cut vinyls and printed acrylics panels throughout all of the corridors.

Denso Corridor Graphics

At certain points of the corridor, large scale abstract imagery was used to promote certain messages but also to add colour and interest.

Denso Corridor Graphics

We commisioned and used staff images throughout the project, this promotes 'Monozukuri' (craftsmanship) and engages the associates.

Denso Corridor Graphics

Crossroad section in the corridor network - ceiling to floor abstract imagery was used on the corner walls.

Denso Corridor Graphics

The corridors are now used by the HR department as a start point to talk about the 'Denso Spirit' with potential new employees.